"I have to say that it was a most inspirational educational experience that I have ever had. The course organisation was excellent both before and during the event – thank you. The chair was excellent and really made sure that we got the best from the speakers and from each other."
(T. Carstairs, Education Commissioning and Contracting Manager, NHS Midlands and East, United Kingdom)

"This programme was excellent, and will enable me to discharge my responsibilities more effectively"
(J. Lema, Prime Minister’s Office, Tanzania)

"An excellent course, I am now going home as a more informed Member of Parliament"
(Namibian Parliamentarian)

"This event exceeded my expectations"
(P. Bhembe, Water Services Corporation, Swaziland)

"Overall, the week was extremely worthwhile and I will recommend it to fellow civil servants."
(M. Riddell, Department for Communities and Local Government, UK)

"An excellent programme – thanks for all your great efforts"
(Dr S. Haque, Independent Election Commission, Afghanistan)

“The speakers were very knowledgeable, and the sessions were very interesting. There were good discussions on voting accessibility and planning concepts”
(P. Broom, Westminster Foundation for Democracy Programme)